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a review article for reconstruction methods


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Conservation Laws >

finite element relaxation schemes

finite difference and kinetic schemes

finite volumes

a posteriori estimates

geometrical driven adaptivity

Wave Equations >

finite elements for linear elastodynamics

nonlinear wave equations

Parabolic Problems >

analysis of the time dg-method

implicit-explicit schemes for nonlinear problems

a posteriori estimates for linear problems

conditional error control for nonlinear problems

Other Problems >

standard schemes for the Helmholtz equation

Schroedinger equations

finite volumes for Hamilton-Jacobi

Stokes and Navier-Stokes



Papers by computational methods (and methodologies)

Time and space-time finite elements >

a priori analysis of the time dg-method

a posteriori estimates

A posteriori error control / reconstruction methods >

time discrete schemes

space and fully discrete schemes

nonlinear problems

Geometrical driven adaptivity >

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