Topological Patterns and Dynamics

in Condensed Matter and in Micromagnetics

Heraklion, Crete, July 1-3, 2020

TopMag 2020 is an interdisciplinary forum for discussing recent advancements in the field of Condensed Matter. The focus will be on topological patterns, such as vortices and skyrmions, that appear in condensed matter systems such as in magnetic materials. It will bring together scientists from a wide range of backgrounds (mathematics, physics, engineering, materials science, etc) and it aims at the cross-fertilization between mathematics and physics, theory and experiment.
Venue: The meeting will take place in the Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH) and in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Crete. The Department will provide office space for the participants.

Aims and Topics

Important dates


Radu Ignat, Université Paul Sabatier, email:
Stavros Komineas, University of Crete, email:
Riccardo Tomasello, FORTH, email: